Calling all Indie Gays, Trans Rockers, Bent Punks, Electro Queers and everyone in between!

DirtyFilthySexy is a Queer Alternative club night for the LGBTQ+ and alliance community! We’re a club night that mixes together DJ’s, live music, drag, performance art and anything else we can dream. It’s definitely a place where anything goes and where anything could happen!

DirtyFilthySexy’s events are for those who want something a little different, where you can celebrate diversity beyond mainstream gay culture. We operate a no-attitude policy in a safe welcoming space for the LGBTQ+ community who are looking for entertainment that is a little bit different to what is usually offered at other club nights and venues around the city. Whether Gay, Straight, Trans or somewhere in between you can relax, feel safe and express yourself whilst making new friends, having a drink and a dance.

The club night has been running in one venue or another here in Nottingham for the past 9 years. After our humble beginnings as Nottingham’s Alternative Pride After Party back in 2008 DirtyFilthySexy has grown from strength to strength putting events on at various venues across the city. After a small break we relaunched in our new home of Spanky Van Dykes in July 2015 as a Nottingham Pride warm up party. Our aim is to continue to build on the alternative LGBTQ+ community that we feel is starting to find itself in Nottingham once again.

Our events are usually themed where, though not strictly mandatory, we encourage people to dress up and join in with lip sync battles, best dressed and other shenanigans. We have brought some of the best alternative LIVE music acts, performers and guest DJ’s from all around the UK to the club night and have travelled to other cities and Pride events to DJ and perform. Our biggest event of the year is our annual Alternative Pride After Party which, so we are told, are something of legend! I previous years, this has included a SOLD OUT show with special guest Alaska Thunderfuck from RuPaul’s Drag Race.
This year sees our 10th birthday and we are cooking up something extra special for you all!

DirtyFilthySexy is the brain child of DJ Greyskull (formally DJ Heathen) of Magenta fame who wanted to bring the best of LIVE music and Djs together. For added fabulousness Glitterhawk, Nana, Marilyn Sane and The Boz join DJ Greyskull as part of the DirtyFilthySexy Sisterhood.

DirtyFilthySexy is often copied but can never be outdone…

See you on the dancefloor!