New Art Exchange and The University of Nottingham present

Kings of Queens (Dir. Damian Ebanks, 8mins 49seconds) 

This is a Nottingham based micro documentary following a drag queen, a female impersonator and friends. We discover who they are, what they do and why they chose this misunderstood field of work. They are the Kings of Queens.

Age range: Contains some swearing and sexual references.
Admission: FREE

We will also be screening BBC Newsbeat film, ‘Drag Kings of the UK’

Drag Queens are a fixture of pubs, clubs and bars across the UK. But there’s a smaller community of Drag Kings across Britain – the women who dress up and perform as men. More club nights are being put on especially for drag kings and more girls are getting into it. Newsbeat meets three drag kings to find out why they do it, and address how being a drag king relates to someone’s gender, identity and sexuality.

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Tickets available from NAE

Anyone with a ticket will gain reduced entry to our Party Monsters event late that evening!